Darker times, requires lighting

I dont know about you, but now when days are getting darker – I think the lighting in our homes becomes more important. We need to light things up inside. I am crazy about lighting and always have a wish list stand-by and ready for when the day I manage to save enough or win the lottery.  I know, chances to win are pretty slim but since I have an expensive taste… I need all the help I can! I have to admit, I have a special eye for FLOS – just think they produce so many beautiful lamps. For our summer place, I think I got most of the lighting covered but I do need/wish to upgrade and add a few new lamps to our living room here in Seattle. Its a room that I have just have not managed to get all “complete” yet..

So, today I thought I would share my Friday lighting picks, 9 of them to be precise:

1. I love Serge Mouille and his 2 or 3-armed lamps. Imagine he designed these in Paris already back in the 60’s! I think they look better today – way before his time!

serge - Copy

2. Another lamp I feel I need to include is the Mantis lamp, which is similar to the Mouille. Designed back in the 50´s by Bernard Schottlander. Also a good choice for my living room. I like how delicate it is (discrete), yet interesting – an eye catcher for sure!





6dde67ad7e3485e7684a3dad37218bae - Copy

3. The good old Arne JabobsenI wonder, will his design ever go out of style?? Its amazing how many wonderful products this talented man created during his lifetime. I want all of his work! Like his lamp “AJ” that he made for the Danish company, Louis Poulsen in 1957 – a true classic.

9f7b19eaa54230621df64c59526e389f - Copy

9c791c0421fcf3995822b527e3e30553 - Copy



vkv visuals

4. The Bestlite lamp by GUBI is a new comer that has been super popular the last 5+ yrs. I really do like this collection and I actually just ordered a few for our bathrooms in the coming summer house. Cannot wait to see them up!

f1813a25a77fc174eacf6a3281239369 - Copy


1b043e96fb3ff56ae3d9bd2ff0441953 - Copy

5. I have always been a fan of the Swedish designer Jonas Bohlin and some years back he created his “collection for Örjsö” . Within the collection there a lot different models but I just think he has managed to create a nice mix of new industrial, slim and yet cool design in this one. I included a few of the copper versions in our coming summer place.

kvist-6-start - Copy


375dd1c88a573b2da6dfb927d9b36672 - Copy



6. This little adorable glas table lamp is called Cluster, and it is hand blown – believe its made in Damaskus. I have been peaking at it for the last 2 yrs, but have not found a retailer in the US that carries it which is a bummer. Also, I still have not seen the light on, but imagine it being cozy. I would love to ad this cool lamp to my collection.




7. Now seriously, here is my super duper favorite – the Taccia lamp from FLOS, Its just one of those “must haves”. Its certainly a bigger (2 sizes) and modern lamp but once you mix it in with good art, some antique pieces – then everything just makes sense. It speaks for itself and crushes all competition! Big Love, Big wish for this one, but probably more for our home in Seattle than in Mölle.



8. Another classic that you find in lots of homes is the Tolomeo, an Italian icon. And I gotta say, there are no lamps that I know off that were made in the 80´s that keep getting better and better. I bought a few some 15 years ago when I was in Milan and I still love em’. In my opinion, a little masterpiece!






9. Last but not least – here is one of Lindsey Adelmans famous pieces. I realize I would never afford or invest that much money for a lamp but that does not stop me from admiring it to death! Her big lamps require quite the room, the space and of course big wallet 🙂 – but still, Lindsey´s glas – multi armed lamps are beautiful! Why do I all lamps I LOVE cost a fortune…?


When I do my picks, I of course look at the need for that specific room and space and since we have a somewhat traditional or classic interior style I tend to want to mix it up with adding more modern lighting. Helps breaks things up!

I get that there are a ton more beautiful lamps out there that did not make my Friday list today – but these where the ones that came to mind today.  Which is your favorite, would love to hear – please do share!

Ok my friends, got to log out and enjoy this Friday. Wish you a wonderful weekend!

Hugs P

Pictures borrowed from: Pinterest, House of Philia, Sköna hem, StilInspiration, Lindsey, Traditionalhome, ESNY. DWD.


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