Island in place…

Soo so much to tell, but no time to tell – cause I am TOO busy packing our bags for Mölle. I just CANNOT believe we have reached that magical week/date – we have all been waiting for. We kept asking ourselves, -do we dare to buy flight tickets for us all 5 this fall, do we know for sure the house will be done when they say it will…?

… and yes, it all worked out!

I apologies for not keeping you all up to date the last weeks but we did have a pre-inspection, which went well. It resulted in a list of small things, no show-stoppers, just touch-ups here and there. As you know we are building this 2nd home from a distance and last time I saw it – it was basically just a foundation – but I just got to say, in our view this has been a great experience and project and we do hope its mutual, that the builder and vendors think they same of us as customers :).


I promise to write a FULL summary of our project and experience, where I share the good and the things I would perhaps like to have done differently or better…. All that coming but for now – I am leaving it with the song lyrics:  -“it feels good”…..


Just wanted to share the pics sent to me yesterday – an island has now moved in to our darling kitchen. Oh dear – I cannot wait to walk in here….


Funny, my dear mother already sneaked in and placed some Christmas candles in there apparently … so like her, love it!


Below some other “teasers” for now – but A MILLION new pics to come in the next few days of course. Stay tuned!


file1-2 (1)



Hugs P


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