A Crush on Hermès

I grew up with parents who had a good eye to fashion and in particular the fancy kinda fashion, so I probably knew the big fashion brands by name before I knew my “A, B, Cs”. However I will admit, never felt I had the wallet necessarily for it :)).

Today I thought I’d share the one I have a little extra crush on – Hermès.


For those of you unfamiliar with Hermès, it is over 180 years old French fashion Empire – actually started in Paris handcrafting horse harnesses for caliches and carriages in 1832.  I believe it was only in early 1920´ish when they introduced their first handbags, maybe you remember the iconic “Kelly Bag”? I would not mind a camel colored Kelly bag! The company then began to produce scarves, silk ties – perfumes and later include fashion as well as furniture and all that other good stuff.  To me Hermes, is a classic brand and style dedicated to perfection with a big ‘P’.


By the way, in case you happen to pass through Paris and like Hermes – I recommend the Hermès flagship store – its stunning, not necessarily the store I would shop in – I would choose one of their smaller and intimate boutiques – this is like a museum…


Now, my love story with Hermes started way back with this blanket – with a big ‘H’- a classic that will never ever go out of style. Trust me. Instead of buying all those ‘wear & tear’ blankets all those years – this one my friends, – will stay with you for ever! Its that one proof when quality wins in the end. I know, I realize, its just a blanket!!! There are far more important things to care and long for in this world, but I am just saying I like this blanket ALOT ALOT and have for YEARS and YEARS!

The blanket of course comes in multiple colors, but these 3 have always been my favorites. If I had to pick, the gray is the most neutral (Sooo Swedish!) and one that goes with most mood & seasonal changes. However, I am thinking the black adds more contrast – creates a bigger statement – most likely the one for me & our home.  “Amazon Alexa” -: did you get that?…

I probably saw this blanket for the first time, some +15 years ago, and I realize I am ‘damaged’ but every time I see it – it catches my attention – still after ALL these years. I think its a sign, its time to finally open up the wallet, even though its gonna hurt like crazy 🙂


Now, if the blankets weren’t enough, -blankets that can take over an entire room – there’s those classic unique orange boxes of theirs we all want to get our hands on – and use as decor. They’ve really turned in to collectives. Ultimately successful branding? I’m first to admit – I save my boxes as well!

What’s probably obvious by now, the color orange, a distinctive sign of Hermès. It’s a unique color, captivating and just so Hermès. It is a warm and joyful color – Love it.


Hermes is also famous for their scarves, and most of them are just so beautiful. It is almost a shame crumbling them up around your neck. I’d rather expose them – as an art piece and either frame them or turn it into a pillow! Very unique and cool, if you ask me. My recommendation – go online and look for vintage Hermes scarves or really use any favorite scarf you have and frame it or make a pillow out of it!


Before moving on, I wanted to point out that Hermes actually do have a furniture line as well – and above a few picks of their slim & sophisticated design.


Ok, now from Furniture to this little detail – I love love the idea of just creating a cool twist & wrist kinda thing with the mini scarf. Simple but yet adds that extra little fun touch. Big crush and something you’ll see me wearing more of this spring/summer. You guys with me?


Now – ‘Time’ to get serious… Besides that gorgeous blanket I crave for – right up there, is the Hermes iPhone Watch with the camel leather wristband. I saw a colleague of mine wear the watch last week and it got me all excited. I already have a nice watch, or two actually, -can one have too many? Mais non, mais non – What a silly thing to ask? Everyone who knows me, know I don’t use jewelry as much, also when I do, I tend to prefer the sophisticated ‘low key’, but high quality pieces – that only few recognize…. Anyways, I am telling you, this watch is actually growing on me, who would have thought?


Ok my friends, I got to end it sometime – I could go on & on about Hermes and all their good yummie stuff. I have a ton more inspirational images and products to share from them but realize its time to log off & head to bed – work tomorrow.

Can’t believe I did not even get to all their fantastic bracelets. My dear hubby has been too kind over the years, -he knows I got a soft spot for Hermes. Visit their website for more, here.

Sweet Hermes dreams & thank you for checking in today.

Hugs P


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