Dining inside in Mölle

I know I am way behind when it comes to blogging – a ton of new things I want to share with you and of course most of it taking place in our summer house. I promise to do my best to bring you up to speed.

Checking in today quickly – to share pictures and plans to our dining space in Mölle, Sweden. Its placed in the center of the house –  its the first thing you see as you walk in through the main door or back porch doors. Ideally I want to seat 10 people here and currently we can squeeze in 8, so we need to make space for 2 more…

As we were building, one important piece, was getting up our old General Electric industry lamps from Texas – which have been sitting in our old basement for some +7 years. It was time for them to shine and what better place than here! They are an eye-catcher for sure, glad we took the decision to put them up!

We bought them at KirkAlbert in Seattle and shipped them to Sweden many years ago.



These lamps are heavy, and required extra ceiling support, but the beauty of building a new house – well, then that is an easy fix. I really love how they turned out,  -they add an American touch as well as that unique and “wow’ contrast to it all. As you can see below, I purposely have not cleaned them…



To the lamps, I’m using an old table from our previous summar place. Its not perfect in size and format but hey, its a summer house and I believe in trying to use and make the best of what you have. However, want to make minor updates to the table + chairs…

For example the table is obviously super old, +100 years for sure and has started to crack a lot. But the biggest concern, the table top is not big/wide enough and ‘ people keep hitting their poor knees in to the bottom ALL the time – super annoying – so we need to fix more leg and chair space.


First step, I repainted the bottom to a green/gray color. I felt the white made it feel too much of a farmers table for some reason.


Here is a good pictures that really show how there is not enough space for your legs… The table top needs to come out further…


Above you see the big crack that has started to show more and more. Again, I dont think the bottom is that great but I will most likely keep it for now and just change the top? Luckily, I found a wood-saw works business very close to our summer place who offers a ton of different wood to pick & chose from.



I only needed a few minutes in there to find my new table top! Believe its called Poplar…and voila, I now have 4 big Poplar planks in our garage – waiting to be taken care of. More to come on that in a few weeks when I am there again…but believe we will be able to solve the space issue now!


While I am at it, I decided to do a little make over on the chairs as well. The very light gray color (they almost look white) is not working for me in this space so painting them in a slightly darker gray than the kitchen,  -but still keeping them within the same color-code family (which includes some tiny drops of yellow).

When I was there a few weeks back, I got started on the chairs, but they still need another final coat of paint. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures last time of how its progressing, but promise to show you next time.


Let this be our “before” picture for now – and remind me later to show the “after’ pic as well -once I am done with my updates!

That is all for me this morning, will check in later today with some additional updates but now time to enjoy the day and day off with my darling kiddos.

Hugs P



McQueen moved in…

I am quickly checking in this morning to share my new Steve McQueen photo I hung up in our dining room. I have been wanting to move some pictures and art around, switch things up a bit in the house…easy fix to make rooms look new and updated.

I thought one of my latest S. McQueen additions would look good in here – all on its own (well, along with the million elephants around him of course…)


My dear Elephants, I put up some +6 years ago – and even though the wallpaper steals a lot of attention – I still like it + its not something you see every day here in Seattle either. The fact that its elephants makes it a bit childish- it adds a sense of humor, and takes away the very formal’ dining room feel. You can find it here.


Only a few minutes from our house, there used to be a Bambu farm garden place – and yesterday someone had trimmed down the trees along the street, as always I was quick to grab a couple of left over branches and place in vases around the house.  Adding greens’ is a must for me, it not only adds color but really makes any room come alive.




In here, we also have my husbands home-made dining table he built some 8-9 years ago. He specifically made it to fit 4 of our wishbone chairs in a row. The table recently got painted in gray, so looking new again. Underneath is the good old’ Ikea rug.


I will admit, we have been bad at using this room lately. Most of the times, we end up eating by our table in the kitchen. Its closer, more convenient and practical. I really do not like when a room is not being used properly. I want to get away from the formal dining thingy’, so I need to be better at setting the table in here.

A ton of nice natural light comes through the big window. We have an identical window on the opposite side (in our living room) as well which feels extra nice during the darker months of the year and when you are really craving for light! However, I feel in order to make the room more cozy and wanting to spend time in here, it needs something, it needs warmth in some way which could be fabric or for ex adding a warmer material in here somewhere…. I have thought about adding long thin curtains in here to soften it up more. However, I forget to remind myself to look in to that, -does that make sense?


I believe I have already revealed my love for our Carl Hansen’s “Wishbone chairs” – as they are called. We’ve had them for years and they are still in great shape. The kind of classic chairs that age beautifully.  The cool, slim ceiling lighting I found in Canada as I was reading an interior magazine – Lambert et Fils.

I will show you the other McQueen photo I bought next time.

Have a great rest of the week.
Hugs P



Seattle dining room

I received some requests for pictures of our current dining room, so here it is.

Its a nice size room, with a big window that brings in a lot of natural light. I try to use our dining room as often as I can and remember. I dont want it to be a formal room for fancy dinners, I really want to see it being used by our kids doing there homework or us eating our regular week night dinners etc.

When we moved in to this house 5 years ago, I thought it would be fun to put up the gray Elephant wallpaper from Svenskt Tenn on one wall. Wanted to make it playful and less formal. I also thought it would be a contrast to all the white walls. Now, I am debating whether I should change it to something more neutral or keep it a little longer. Regardless, elephant or no elephant, its an eye catcher and people always comment on it since you see it as you walk in the front door.



Overall, I am trying to keep the dining area simple yet I like to ad something bold to make it interesting but most importantly inviting.

Some have asked about the table, which my dear husband made years ago. I wanted a large table that fit 4 wishbone chairs on each side and the ones I found where to expensive so my hubby made this. Still super happy about it. Recently the table got a make-over, I painted it in a darker gray which picks up the gray in the wallpaper. Below a picture from our old house that we built in Stockholm back in 2005 – where you can see the original table color. Love going back memory lane and looking at our old homes.

W-15 (002)


The things I tend to focus on to make the dining room feel cozy and inviting is using  candles (I admit, I use a lot of candles, so many that several of my friends make fun of me and wonder if I belong to a special candle sect ;)). Another detail is having fresh flowers (which has become my wonderful Friday routine).  Fresh flowers is a must!

Oh – by the way, don´t pay attention to my sad plant in the corner (I realize I have not been paying attention to it for some time ;)). Sorry, I will get right to it!


One thing I feel I am still working on is getting the art, the walls right. I realize the mix of art perhaps doesn’t go that well together. Once things have calmed/slowed down with our new summer house I might re invest in some new art in here.


These 2 sketches I found at the greatest antique market outside of Paris (Clignancourt). Recommend it you haven´t already been there.  Believe I bought the sketches for 10Euros each.  The painting below is from a Dutch artist (Corneille). My parents did not have space for them anymore so they handed me 3 of his work some 20 years ago. The other 2 are different in colors so I decided to hang these ladies & the bird separately.


My classic Wishbone chairs by Hans J. Wegner  however, I love love. I have had them for years. They have gone over the Atlantic ocean in a container many times but after all these years, they still look good. The type of chairs that age beautifully. They are pretty pricey but I believe in saving saving and buying the quality pieces if you can. Its worth it.



Now to the final part, the lamp. Its actually my latest addition to the room. I have been looking for a ceiling lighting ever since we moved in (not very actively as you can hear :)). I wanted to find a fairly modern and slim lighting that would not take over the room (given the ceiling is very high). I was so glad when I finally came across this one from Lambert & Fils in Montreal.



Well my friends, that is my dining room. Wish you all a fantastic weekend!