Counter tops on top!

I forgot to mention, our counter tops arrived last week and I just realized I still have not shown you the pictures. Well, to be honest, I was waiting for better (blog quality 🙂 ones but its been a week without getting any so I’m showing you what I got. We are in this together…haha


For the counter tops, we chose Silestone which is similar in look’ as marble but a lot more durable material. Pricier’ but I am hoping it will be worth it in the long run. It can take heat and any acids! In our last summer place we walked on our toes every time someone used lemon, strawberries…which was basically every hour. Finally we can walk normally in the kitchen.

Another detail I wanted to share, which you probably already know is that choosing your counter tops via your kitchen supplier often ends up being more expensive but on the up’ side you keep everything down to One supplier.  Choose what works best for you. We found a stone supplier close to us, Helsingborgs Sten. They have been great and so far (all via pictures) looks great.

The kitchen island, big table in the middle will come soon – cannot wait! Also for some reasons I dont have any good pics that show our bench and tall cabinet to the left but I will be there in no time and can shoot all the pics I want….


We decided on the Italian stove, Bertazzoni which I cannot wait to start using this Christmas. They still have to plug & push things in but lets hope for the best.



We choose one big bath tub as you can see, which I prefer to fit the big pans and stuff. Again, apologize for the blurry pics quality but here you can at least spot the gray thread in the stone which I like and picks up our cabinets *and no, the cabinets dont have any green in them…its just weird lighting.



Above you get a good view of the counter top. On here, we will have our yummy and fancy coffee machine (which I miss tremendously). I often joke and say that our summer place is way more equipped than our regular Seattle home, but its the truth… Here you can also spot what will be the area for the fridge/freezer as well as pantry and on the far end is laundry room. Between the kitchen & laundry we placed this sliding door.


That’ s it my friends, that’s all I have. Oh, and by the way – we chose Lagoon as color and counter top model, in case you want to look it up more. Our Åraslöv Kök kitchen comes in a light warm gray color (Y2502s). LOVE that color!

Sorry for being a little short today, but trying go to bed early so I can get the best start of  the week! Thank you for stopping by, I hope y’ all had a wonderful weekend.

Promise to check in more this week!

Hugs P


One of our teenage rooms…

Happy Thanks Giving everyone, I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Today is actually my oldest daughter’s birthday (“I” turns the big 18!) so I cannot stay long.  I promised we would do cake before heading out for activities & dinner. On birthdays, that person gets to choose where to eat and tonight “I” chose a new trendy Vietnamese restaurant.

Any hoops, some of you emailed and asked I show more from our house in Seattle so today I quickly took some pictures of my middle’ one’s room, “L”.  I realized some turned out dark, apologies for that but have not time to edit today. This is “L’s” room.


All our 3 daughters have stayed within the color-palette I prefer and have in the rest of the house. I will admit I MIGHT have influenced them a bit 🙂 but its also that I always move things around and if you keep things within the same color, theme’ it makes it easy to move around, get it to harmonize so for sure a lot of whats in their rooms are just that, things that have been passed around or down.

Her room is not super big but it fits the needs, and she even has a bathroom of her own which is needed and a super lux for a teenage girl!!!  She did get a bigger bed for birthday or at least it was a gift/promise from us *which we made in August and still have NOT gone to Ikea to buy, – what can I say: super lazy & bad parents!


I like “L’s” room, its got a nice mix of things.  The walls are painted in either “Agreeable or Repose gray” from Sherwin Williams, unfortunately I cannot remember anymore but its a nice warm light gray color.





I feel I have to confess one thing in regards to this room & my daughter L – I love her to death but L is terrible with keeping clothes and closet organized. If I would try to open those closet doors – I will probably drown from the ton of clothes that would fall on me. I was tempted to take a picture, and show you what it looks like behind those closed doors – but I just could NOT – its too painful 🙂 but imagine chaos X 1000!.. haha.


We recently switched out our upstairs carpets from a very light white/beige to this nice warm light gray one! Being Scandinavian and all’ and used to just having wood floors everywhere  – after 10 years here in the US I really love putting my feet on carpets upstairs *never thought I would say that!… However, for the downstairs I am all for just wood floor and no carpet if I could choose.

Sorry everyone, my time is up and time to take out the yummy cake!

Promise to show you some new pics from our summer project in Mölle tomorrow, A TON has happened this week! Stay tuned!

Hugs P






Our magical stairs

When I first started planning this house I identified 3 things that were extra important. 3 things I either wanted to put extra time or money on and the stairs being one of them. The kitchen + porch where the other 2 things.

A reminder to my new followers, we are building a summer house and even though we are building a pretty good sized house for a summer place (according to Swedish norms”) I knew I could not get too carried away due to space and that boring thing called budget ;(. My goal was to upgrade just enough where I kept majority of the standard package and then added a little extra without increasing costs too much.

A few drafts back & forth before we settled on this from Drömtrappor.


This wrap around balcony on top and opening all the way up to top ceiling as you walk in felt like a great American detail to ad to our Swedish summer place.


In the original floor plan the stairs faced the other way, meaning you would access the stairs immediately as you walked in through the main door. I wanted to avoid that, avoid having to step on the doormat and shoes every time you needed to go up & down the stairs. Instead I was hoping that it would be nice walking down in the mornings and face the social area and kitchen.


Here is a first peak of the stairs.


We decided to make storage underneath the stairs. We also have a little space opposite that, to the right – a space for coats n shoes as well as a guest bath.



I love this view, seeing the stairs and balcony!! Of course I would have preferred to see it without all the paper covering the floor. Super duper curious to see what is under it all..

At first I imagined the stair railings all in white, but I made a last minute change to gray *extra cost of course. Some have already asked why I did not make it black and go with the windows … I understand why you ask – but for some reason I believe the warm light gray fits better in to a summer house, plus it connects with the kitchen cabinets (exact same color) and for those who know me, know that I have painted a lot of our furniture in that exact gray as well …so this time, I am going with da gray!






Here is a view of the entrance and as I mentioned to the right as you walk in is a space for jackets and shoes as well as guest bath. I changed the original floor plan a bit because I preferred having the coats and bath a bit off to the side, to give it more privacy and not having to see all shoes as you sit in the open social area…

Oh yes, realize I forgot to mention that the actual steps on the stairs will be as the floors upstairs = white stained washed pine. Keeping my fingers crossed it will all come together nicely. Time will tell, soon we will know + and soon time to set the BIG COUNTDOWN!



A quick update on the kitchen

Being away from the blog this much is not something I planned on, trust me – I would love to check in more often but time has not been on my side lately *plus I started a new job …. again sorry, but don’t give up on me yet…

Luckily – there is a lot happening over at the house, with only one month to go.

Today I wanted to give you a kitchen update. The pictures are not super sharp but as you can imagine I am glad for every or whatever picture is emailed to me. Its my only way to stay connected and follow the project (being so far away).

We first received the pics above from Åraslöv Kök, showing our cabinets being prepped for delivery.  A few days later, one of their guys started installing.



Also, above you see how the last top layer of our concrete floors turned out! Love what I am seeing and cannot wait to put my feet on it this Christmas!

We chose a custom built kitchen – a local carpenter in the south of Sweden focusing on Kitchens in solid wood! I am SOO glad we chose them over anyone else.


It might appear a little green but as always the pics dont show the exact true color. Its a warm light gray color with a drop of yellow if anything…


Inside each cabinet we chose white washed pine. Big Looove on that!


This will be our little “so called pantry  – that along with the fridge & freezer on the opposite side is placed just “outside” the kitchen.  Since we wont have any upper cabinets, the pantry is meant to help with storage.


In this picture you see the pantry space to the left, so outside but still connected. Another thing I wanted to connect was the fan – there are many different options out there but I really wanted one that matched the kitchen cabinets so we had made this box. It turned out great, however it was supposed to be the same color as the walls (crispy white) but there was a little miscommunication. We decided to move in, see how it feels and looks together with the stove and all. Its an easy fix if needed…

Another detail you spot in the picture above is our stairs to the right. The stairs really turned out great. I got a lot of new images, promise to show you all next time..


Here you see David from Helsingborgs Sten who came to double check the measurements for the counter tops. We decided on Silestone and Lagoon, a light white/grayish color that I hope will fit well with our kitchen. Countertops will be installed this week. I just have to say how impressed and glad I am that everyone is delivering when they say they will.  Happy with our choices of people and companies to work with this summer house project of ours! It makes all the difference!


Here is a nice overview (a bit blurry). To the left you have a tall cabinet as well as a custom built bench. A big island is coming soon, really looking forward to that. The space just outside the kitchen up to the right is where the fridge&freezer will be (again, opposite the pantry).


Obviously there are a few details missing but again its all going according to plan and schedule. I noticed here they put on one of the copper lighting railings *the other ones are in our storage so have to wait until we move in before putting them up.

That’s all the Kitchen update I have today! Stay tuned for more in the next few days!

Have a wonderful Sunday.
Hugs P


Zeeeebra fever

I realize I keep repeating myself when it comes to my philosophy in decorating (especially for a retreat home). I prefer the light tone colors white, linen-beige and light gray as my base. When it comes to adding warmth to a summer place I believe in wood accents, rattan accessories and green plants. With that, you should be good to go!

However, I still think its fun to ad some contrasts (not too crazy) but just crazy enough to make it a bit more interesting and unique. Those contrasts you can easily change depending on season and mood. So today, I am revealing one detail and contrast I love…



The ZEBRA detail! Its something I have always had a sweet spot for. Perhaps not something you immediately associate with a summer place but what can I say, I try not to be like everyone else :). Some say that the love for zebra and leopard is an age thing` 🙂 – oh well, I admit I am getting around “that age” but in my case I have actually loved this since my earlier years. Now – like all contrasts, its gotta be done and used with finesse cause you can certainly go overboard or sideways. Balance and quality is key in order to get it “cool” and just right!


You can obviously bring in Zebra in ton of different ways, it could be a photograph, a tray, some pillows etc etc… One detail I think is pretty cool is the actual zebra rug. My friends can testify –  I have wanted one for some 20+ years. I realize its controversial but if I compare a legally culled and obtained zebra rug vs a reproduction printed one – well need I say more? Of course the authentic one wins aesthetically. It ads quality, elegance to any room and space and in my opinion gets more beautiful with every year. The printed one will fade over the years and is usually made with chemicals that are not good for anyone. However, I suppose there are better look-a-likes and copies out there today, but still – prefer the real thing (but only if obtained legally and by licensed, approved, certified and with all papers and permits of course, otherwise a big no no).





The rug might not be for everyone, so another fun way to bring in Zebra is through fabrics in form of pillows, curtain or upholstery.

When it comes to choosing fabric – I prefer a high quality 100% thick linen fabric and my favorite one right now is by Brunschwig & Fils. Super duper pricey – I know, but the colors and linen quality is superb. Check out all their nice colors!!

I am thinking and planning on upgrading a couple of my old chairs a notch and ad abracadabra… Zeeebra…




I bought my brown Brunschwig pillow a few years ago and its sitting by my fireplace here in Seattle. Thinking of bringing it to Mölle instead, fun to alternate and actually think the brown goes nicely to my other blue “beachy” pillows I got over there.


This morning I managed to find this gray linen fabric from Brunschwig which is actually my first pick in color. Its a fairly big left over piece that I am hoping to get my hands on. Trying to negotiate down the price a bit, cause I feel that our building projects is still costing us more and more by the day…need be a little smart about the house spending …if I dont succeed my second choice will be this more bronzy/mustard color from WilliamSonoma that is way more affordable…



Another nice Zebra inspiration and idea I wanted to share is this fancy bed frame a Swedish blogger (HouseofPhilia) made for their bedroom. Works great when the rest is in a very calm tone and has that hotelee´feel…


Smaller details I enjoy are my blue tray and table place mats I bought some years back. I would also recommend the small trays by Jonathan Adler which is a nice coffee or side table decor or why not Christmas give-away.

bricka room


Lastly, finishing off with a more bold detail if you are feeling brave. A chance to make your bedroom a bit more wild 🙂 haha. Not something I would dare to choose but I totally love seeing this space and how well it works with the brown wood details! Lets face it, I am apparently not THAT bold, wild and cool just yet 🙂 – perhaps there is an “age” thing for that as well ….


That´s all from my wild and fun Zebra fever day. Not sure if I convinced you, but I think it ads a fun twist and sophisticated touch to any house and space regardless of style.

Zebra Hugs

Pics borrowed from: Brunschwig, SkonaHem, SeventeenDoorsblog, Pinterest, Room, HouseofPhilia, HouseBeautiful, ElleDecor, Walles&Walles, Jonathan Adler

Living room spaces…

I still cannot believe we are moving in to our new Swedish retreat in less than 2 months! Construction and project is going according to plan, so I thought I would slowly start decorating it in my head or on paper at least. I am confident on moving in right after the inspection. I am counting on NO surprises that day! Is that crazy :)?

When it comes to the interior and design for our retreat and “summerhouse” – my overall goal and belief is creating a natural base, light tone and build from there. That base for me is usually white, linen-beige and light gray. Then the fun is adding an exciting contrast by mixing for ex concrete, metal, wood and rattan, placing the vintage next to something new and more modern. Something “fluffy and warm” next to something perhaps raw and cold… Contrasts that in the end harmonize if that makes any sense…

Now, I have quite a lot of furniture already in storage – waiting to make its way in to this new house of ours! Its a nice mix of old things that I have inherited as well as new stuff I have bought over the years. This house is going to be bigger than our last summer place so I need to buy a few new stuff (which I have no problems with (none, nope) :)).

We have 2 living room spaces next to each other on the bottom floor. I tried to give a little illustration of that below. So, right in the middle of the space we plan on having one big table with my mix of chairs. Next to this I am thinking a lounge feel with comfy lounge chairs by the fireplace and then instead a sofa and hang for reading and TV in that corner space (behind the stairs). In the future, we are considering one of those industrial glas doors to the TV room but to be sure I want to move in first and see if its the right thing to do…



I am sharing a few images that either have the furniture, the vibe, the feel and look I am aiming for. Cannot wait to get all our stuff unpacked and giving it all a spot in this new house of ours! Cannot wait to move in and make it feel like a home, our home.






That´s all for me this Sunday evening. Wish you all a wonderful week – I hope to be back tomorrow already with some fresh pics as our kitchen is being brought in & put together!



Images from: StilInspirationELLE, Artilleriet, SkonaHem, IKEA, ResidenceMagazine, Ellos, Pinterest





Calling it, the white house…

Oh my, what a difference it makes to see the house all painted in crispy white white! Immediately – so airy, light and fresh.  My husband was in Sweden this weekend and got to see it live! Even though I get my FaceTime updates every week, its not the same as being there in person. All I can say, we are getting close to ready!


This picture and view just makes me soo happy! The corner and space where the boards are lying to dry on the floor is where our kitchen will be. It should arrive in 2 weeks, cannot wait to see that! I am just crossing my fingers that the choices we have made will turn out great and as hoped! My husband probably took some 100 pictures while he was there this weekend *a lot of them very detailed but here are some overall picks so you can see and follow the progress with me.


Here you have the guys from Sätoftagruppen painting our doors + trims. I decided to upgrade and get the massive wood doors and have them hand painted instead of the spray painted versions right from factory. Brush paint ads character and makes it feel “older” which I wanted for this new summer house..


I love this house already and know how much I will love decorating it and living here, so dont get me wrong. BUT, I have found 3 minor things so far that I wish we would have spent a little more time on or solved differently and one of them is this little bedroom window. Not sure why I agreed to it, not true, I know why but seeing it now I would have wanted a bigger window here. I prefer having light coming in from 2 sides if possible – plus, we have such a beautiful view from that side as well and we are not really taking advantage of that. Oh well, literally luxury problems and of course nothing worth thinking more about.  I will tell you about the 2 other things in another post. I thought I would do a separate post and share my experience of building so far, what I am happy about, could have done or gone better etc…


I guess all these white and shiny boards are coming up this week.


Apparently the salt, sand and water from the ocean does show itself on the windows.  I can see the right side one needs a good clean. I have learned that one should be careful when cleaning them given the sand, to avoid scratch marks…makes sense…


Again, kitchen area more up close.


For now we are using this beautiful stairs but I have been told that our real stairs should be there by end of the week. As always, keeping fingers crossed our choice will look nice.



Oh and yes, I forgot – apparently the wood floor is underneath the protective paper here. I cannot believe my husband did not take a picture of it or at least peaked. I know I would have. I am dying to see what the light wood floor looks like!



This is by far my favorite space in the house – I just love seeing this room, the windows and how much light they are letting in. I was worried that the big porch outside would make it dark in here but it doesn’t look like I need to worry about that!  >)

The concrete floor has now been polished 4 times and is apparently looking super duper! Now, all we need is ad a sealing coat on top of it and we should be good to go. One detail I am really happy about is not choosing any trim around the inside of the windows. That way, the black windows gets the attention they deserve and ads a “stone house” feel to it. Love it and am so happy we chose black!





I see they still have one window to finish – the trim around the bottom right is still missing but I am sure its on their to-do list.



I am really happy with the back side of the house and in particular the big porch and the tall black windows. I can really see ourselves use this space a ton – year round!  Next step however is to plan for a fence or hedge. Since we rinsed the lot and took down all trees, our lot is now all flat and with that comes full insight – visibility from anyone who walks by…  The privacy part is important for me, but I also realise that I need to take one thing at a time. The fence will come … eventually.

That´s all from me this Sunday. Have a great week!

Hugs P