Summer villa heaven

Today I came across this out of this world villa in Sydney, Australia. I am blown away how beautiful this weekend retreat is. I Believe I have been starring at the images for a good hour now, just admiring every detail. I promised myself I would go out running this morning, but I got stuck here looking at this waterfront property!  Designed by Alexander & Co and found via Est Living.

I am sure this is one of those homes that will see pop up in all blogs, its that stunning! Extra fun coming across a home like this…on a regular Monday :). What a great way to start the week. I will let the pictures, taken by Felix Forest speak for themselves. If I were planning on building/renovating in the Sydney area – this is a company I would start with…for sure!


This kitchen is stunning. Love how wonderful it connects with the outside. Wow!





Just look at that floor and ceiling!!















Nothing wrong with the location either!?! I am so glad I came across this home today. I just could not  – not share it, before my run!

Have a wonderful week.
Hugs P


Trunks – stay or go?

Almost a decade ago I went into an Antique shop in Seattle that was about to close. Everything was 50% off, so of course I couldn’t leave empty handed ;)). I walked out with 2 old steamer trunks that I thought looked cool and I was sure they would come to use one day. When we sold our summer house in Sweden last December, I found them in our garage (where they have been sitting for the last 8 years). I remember my husband saying, “can we finally get rid of those old smelly trunks”?

For some reason I kept them, thinking they might, just might come to life in this new house we are building. As I am going through how to decorate the coming summer house I found a few inspiring pictures over at Pinterest that got me all thinking. Take a look.


Decorating with trunks is tricky in my mind. There is a fine line in getting it just right. As always I think it works best when you mix it with light and modern pieces. I would want to avoid having the trunks together with very heavy or dark furniture but thats me. I think they have done a great job in the space above where everything else is light, modern and feels fresh.


Back in the day steamer trunks were used as luggage on voyages. Today you see them in homes as coffee tables & decor. Big brands such as Louis Vuitton and Restoration Hardware even have them in their product lines now.

Both my trunks are brown/black, same style but in different sizes. I have never done anything to them nor really taken care of them so they need love and caring to bring them back looking good again (… and less smellie). There are plenty of good sites that describe how to restore old trunks.


liliumdesigns blogspot

I like how they turned the trunk into a small bar table/butler tray and mixing it with P. Starck plastic chairs makes it look modern.

Sadly, I could not find any good photos of mine and since everything is in storage right now – this is the best I could do. I spotted them in the background of a photo so here is a bad cut out/zoomed image. As you can see they look very sad, but with some fancy products & care ….maybe ??

garage trunks

I have to admit I am a little inspired after going through the images and I am thinking they might help our new summer house feel and look more “aged”. They would certainly ad character.  However, I think its gonna be difficult getting them passed my husband and in to this new house. I am pretty sure he thinks I threw them out in December. Maybe if he reads my blog, he will be open to reconsider… ;))?

If it were a nice old Louis Vuitton trunk like below, well then that would have been a different story (…and price as well ;)). A keeper for sure.



I wanted to show you this space, where that fine line comes in. I think its too much with the old paintings and frames. I would prefer modern motif or at least white frames to make it feel more playful, light & fresh. Also, I would switch out the lamp – but thats just me.



Here is another type of trunk (same idea tho) that I bought on an auction site. I use it to store my youngest daughters toys in it but of course it can also be used as a coffee table…



What do you think, keep them or finally say bye bye to the old smelly trunks?


Now I have to go get ready for my daughters “pineapple theme party”. She turns 10! Got to go.

Have a great weekend!
Hugs P

All images found on Pinterest under trunks

Vamos a Ibiza!

A dear friend V,  posted a pic on Instagram from Ibiza. It got me all jealous (not in a bad way, that´s not in my blood). Just wished I could make a quick stop, have a glass of rosé with her and chit chat away like old times.



I love Spain, always have. A part of it could of course be me growing up in Mexico during some years as a child. After that, I am obviously drawn to Spanish speaking countries. Spain is one of them and the islands of Ibiza and Mallorca are strong favorites. I haven´t been back in some years but hope to return soon! The island of Mallorca needs an entire post of its on. Today´s post is about this cool place I found on Ibiza!

I remembered I had come across this very talented architect firm on the island called, Blakstad.  They have built beautiful homes on Ibiza. Today I thought I would show you one of them.


I don´t feel the images need any additional words… Its that beautiful!



Have no trouble lounging here or doing my morning laps in that gorgeous pool.



I love the living-room. The big sliding window/door out to the terrace. Oh my.



The neutral tones, the linen cushions, wood and black details with all the white is just my kinda style. They have done a beautiful job in creating a very calm and relaxing retreat.


Mama Mia. Whats not to like. Love the wood details. What a view. What´s for dinner?





The house is not only beautiful on the inside, the outdoor is breathtaking as well. I love how they have created different outdoor lounge areas throughout the home. I can imagine myself hanging outdoors and admiring the views and the sky all night long.

It is really one of those pinch-me kinda homes – unreal but at the same time total perfection! Time to plan a visit to Ibiza, wouldn´t you agree?

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!
Hugs P

Images from Hostal La Torre, La Bodega, Blakstad.


Rattan means summer

For me rattan symbolizes summer. Its the material to use in warmer weather (not that Sweden always offers that….) but I love to include it in our summer house. It ads a beach feeling, a natural color and texture that goes well with all the white, linen and any colors for that matter.  Throughout the years I have collected and “won” different rattan furniture’s on auctions which will now find its proper spot in our coming summer house.

The material has been used for a long time and I recall it had a bloom in the 70s but the last 5 years its made a sweet comeback, at least in the Nordic countries. Today you can find them in different colors, black has been trendy for a while but I have always preferred the light natural color. In my opinion, it wins in the end.

I love having rattan furniture and details both inside as outdoors. In one corner of our coming back porch, I will have rattan lounge sofas filled with a ton of pillows and mix that with our concrete table. Inside I have a couple of lounge rattan chairs that I place here and there, along with a bunch of baskets as decor, flower pots and for storage.


This chair above is a favorite of mine from Svenskt Tenn, but it is a bit pricey. Today there are many different brands and good rattan products for more reasonable prices. I personally love scouting the Swedish auction sites for the more vintage ones. That is where I have made most of my rattan findings.

If the chair I mentioned above was high end, as a Swede I of course want to show you some more affordable pieces from Ikea. Their spring rattan collection looks really nice. Love the cupboard/dresser.

Below is the classic Ikea “Agen” chair that has been around for ages. We have them around our outdoor eating area. I mix it with an old farmers table, a long green old church bench (u can spot parts of it below). In our coming summer house our eating area will be on one side of the porch (so covered) but one nice thing about the Agen chair is if you just leave it outside it ages into this nice vintage gray color and look.



Above one of the sets I bought on an auction. I have another very similar set so I don´t need more, but I still peak online every now and then. I especially look extra around holidays since people tend to travel and are too busy keeping an eye on auctions. And, if I am lucky, less competition and prices tend to stay normal. (Maybe I should not have told you this…;) ,



Using baskets as pendants is a fun idea. It gives a nice lighting and ads warmth and texture to a room. I have the exact ones as below but much smaller which I used in our small hallway in previous summer place (2nd below). I am not sure they will function as pendants in the new place, most likely just as baskets… but a cool idea regardless.


Before letting you go, I just wanted to ad this little final image – its the good old classic rattan bike basket which you see a lot during the summer in Sweden. Super cute. Great if going to the store for smaller things, to the bakery for the morning bread, to the beach with your towel or your coffee n sandwich for the picnic.
Oh, how I want it be summer now….

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

Hugs P

Images borrowed from Pinterest, Ikea, SvenktTenn…

Bunkbeds it is

Finally checking in with you after 9 wonderful days in Mexico. I brought the computer with me, with the intention of writing and blogging but I was overly optimistic (as usual). I just enjoyed it too much and felt no desire to open up the computer. Now back to normal life and picking up where I left.

With the building permit now in our hands, we move on the next fun phase which is taking down that jungle of ours and seeing what our lot really looks like! I am guessing its still a few weeks out, so in the meantime I am working on remaining rooms and details. Today I thought I would walk you through our kids room.

We are making one of the bedrooms into our kids bedroom. Our 3 girls are not that young/small anymore so we dont want to create a “kiddie kids” room but being a summer house we prefer the girls to share room so built in bunk beds feels like a smart way of using the space. I am also hoping them sharing rooms will give them fun summer memories before they are too big and off on their own.

Below is the image that inspired me in the first place. In general our bedrooms will be small but we are opening up the ceiling on 2nd floor which will make it feel more spacious and especially for the persons sleeping on top bunk beds.


When looking for ideas online, almost all images/design that came up were for smaller kids but I am showing you a few picks.

I want a clean and classic look (that doesn´t scream kids room) and is custom built. Its on me to come up with a design to give to the carpenter for quote or if time permits my dear hubby wants to take on the project. The criteria so far:

  1. I want the bunk beds on each side on one of the windows, 4 beds in total.
  2. Built-in solution. Painted in light gray and remaining room in white…
  3. Important that each bed has its own space – their on shelf to put their book, phone,  charger on. A reading lamp and some personalized touches. I want to create a feeling they have a room within each bed if that makes sense.
  4. All beds of course need to have the same white bedding. Goes without saying 🙂
  5. I would love to ad smart storage solutions, perhaps drawers underneath or side.

Obviously this has a different layout but I like how its a room within a room. Below images with bunk beds painted in different gray colors, thinks it ads warmth.





When surfing online, I came across some fantastic big rooms with multiple bunk beds.  We would have to give up our entire upper floor to our kids (…and I am willing to do a lot for our kids, but I gotta draw the line somewhere ;)). I just wanted to share them with you as well in case one of you has this kind of space…




Now time to get the drawing and bunk bed sketches started. Will show you once its done (that is if my drawing will be good enough to show). Have a wonderful rest of the week. Promise not to go silent like last week again!

Hugs P


Images via Pinterest.

Away from it all

Just had to log in quickly and show this gorgeous farm house that as you can see from the title is apparently located “away from it all”. Getting away from it all is as we all know good for you and especially in times like now when we are racing like “speedy gonzales” trying to manage it all at once. Naturally, we can´t all have escape places like this but I would not say no if someone offered me the keys to this place 🙂

Doesn’t it just look stunning, just like that – by itself.  I found this beautiful home and pictures after jumping from one blog and site to another (@Elenor Cummings site), an American Interior designer.  I am glad to see how she kept the style simple, yet very sophisticated and a bit Scandi-inspired if I may so (probably what draw my attention to this fab white house in the first place). Looks like homes we would find on the wonderful Island of Gotland (I mentioned a few posts ago).


00001 5 hellolovely-hello-lovely-studio-Eleanor-Cummings

00001 5re

Love seeing the concrete floors. As you know, I had it on my initial list for our summer house as well but had to switch after talking to flooring companies that advised me not to…

Using white and gray as the base colors like Elenor has done here is not only smart, but its fresh and timeless. Especially for an escape place like this where I am guessing its all about relaxing and recharging. Adding real vintage wood tables, benches, linen, the rattan furniture and of course the ever so important sisal or jute rugs is just spot on. My style.

If one feels the need to spice it up, (might be repeating myself too much here) adding black furniture and details, also steel creates a bit of drama, makes it feel more modern. And for those who love colors, well thats easily fixed and will look just fabulous as well.

So for summer homes I like the recipe of keeping it basic, clean and working a lot with white, gray and the neutral colors. Then one can always ad and work from there…

Enjoy your day

Hugs P




How can I create this in Mölle…

Yesterday I fantasized about that beautiful summer house in France. I mentioned I had a few more homes under my sleeves that are just too gorgeous to keep to myself. Homes like these bring me so much inspiration for our coming summer house in Sweden. I am totally and utterly in love with this rustic yet modern country home.

Take a look.


Freeze right here. Look at this gorgeous kitchen, the dark colored cabinets and not to mention the FLOOR! As always, love how they mixed rustic with modern.

Building a new summer house like we are doing; one of the challenges is creating the older, rustic but yet modern look. Obviously I can´t compete with an old french country house that has been there for several hundred years but I will certainly try. I get so much inspiration and ideas from homes like this.

My idea of placing limestone or large ceramic tiles in the bottom floor comes from seeing homes from southern Europe. Super practical, low maintenance, durable and on top of that looks fabulous!

What can I copy from this house and paste to our home in Mölle?  A couple of things.

1. Bringing in natural stone and choosing more neutral colors is a great start. It makes it feel calm and relaxing, which is what I want for our summer place.

2.  Adding wood and steel details makes it feel interesting and modern.

3.  Mixing old furniture with some modern touches makes it unique.

4. Lastly, choosing linen fabric, adding rattan furniture and making sure you include plants and fresh flowers is what makes the home inviting and you and friends wanting to come back!

As you know, I am copying the idea with black windows. I think it ads a cool modern contrast and a little drama to all the white.

This ceiling is just too beautiful.

The wood tray detail in this bathroom is fun and also ads warmth.
Of course ours would be filled with stuff and tons of products.
After all, we are 4 girls in this family.


In summary, I think there are ways of creating and enhancing the old french country home feel into completely new built summer homes. It just requires more research and being selective when choosing materials.  Another thing I love about these type of homes is the way they feel simple but yet very luxurious.

Hugs P