Let me take you on a walk outside

We bought our Swedish jungle, a little over a year & half  ago. At the time, it was impossible to imagine what was behind and under it all. In a way we could say we had no idea what we were buying…


Luckily, it turned out to be a great call and today I thought I would show you the “transformation”.  Some landscape architects have helped us with a plan, a plan that will surely take us a few years to create but at least something to work from.  I promise to share the plans but today a first before & after pics!

file1-2 (002)

Here is what it looked like after the first big – take down’ – luckily all flat, no surprises.




This year, we focused on getting the basics, a foundation in place. Rolling out a ton of grass just to keep the old jungle from growing back, a fence, hedge and then of course our gorgeous catwalk (as we call it…)

Building a fence at the end felt like a priority –  make it feel more enclosed and adding privacy. One thing from the sketch/plan we decided to do, was to build our so called “catwalk” – it may look at bit odd – but trust me, its part of a bigger plan :)….


The way to the beach…


This so called catwalk of ours is all connected, it connects all the way to the front entrance on the other side. Turned out super cool! Don’t really have great pictures that captures it all…


We planted 175 bushes – that eventually we hope will turn in to a very tight hedge..


A view of our catwalk from one angle – love love it!


Here is a view from the street. Our house is right on the path people take to walk down for a swim – in their bathrobes and traditional Swedish clogs.. We felt the need to add a hedge – again, for a bit more privacy….



Not sure how much you know about the weather in Europe this summer, but its been the warmest summer ever – believe last time it was this hot in Sweden was 220 years ago. So, rolling out new grass, planting a hedge etc was not optimal, a challenge to say the least. It required a ton of watering but ooh, we did it! These are the latest pics my dear mom sent me – its looking super green and fabulous!


Below a hint of what it looks like in front of the house. Again, a first important foundation this summer – a lot of gravel to avoid the jungle from trying to grow back. Hopefully by spring we can do a phase#2….


Both images here, give a hint of how the catwalk is connected. Best part, its so nice and comfortable to walk on. Easy to move around all bare-footed… no problemas…



That was all for today.  I hope you enjoyed a first peak on the outside. More to come…


Thank you for checking in this weekend, appreciate all your emails and questions about our experience of building a house. Keep them coming, love to read, answer and share our experience.

Enjoy your Sunday! Take care.

Hugs P