A Crush on Hermès

I grew up with parents who had a good eye to fashion and in particular the fancy kinda fashion, so I probably knew the big fashion brands by name before I knew my “A, B, Cs”. However I will admit, never felt I had the wallet necessarily for it :)).

Today I thought I’d share the one I have a little extra crush on – Hermès.


For those of you unfamiliar with Hermès, it is over 180 years old French fashion Empire – actually started in Paris handcrafting horse harnesses for caliches and carriages in 1832.  I believe it was only in early 1920´ish when they introduced their first handbags, maybe you remember the iconic “Kelly Bag”? I would not mind a camel colored Kelly bag! The company then began to produce scarves, silk ties – perfumes and later include fashion as well as furniture and all that other good stuff.  To me Hermes, is a classic brand and style dedicated to perfection with a big ‘P’.


By the way, in case you happen to pass through Paris and like Hermes – I recommend the Hermès flagship store – its stunning, not necessarily the store I would shop in – I would choose one of their smaller and intimate boutiques – this is like a museum…


Now, my love story with Hermes started way back with this blanket – with a big ‘H’- a classic that will never ever go out of style. Trust me. Instead of buying all those ‘wear & tear’ blankets all those years – this one my friends, – will stay with you for ever! Its that one proof when quality wins in the end. I know, I realize, its just a blanket!!! There are far more important things to care and long for in this world, but I am just saying I like this blanket ALOT ALOT and have for YEARS and YEARS!

The blanket of course comes in multiple colors, but these 3 have always been my favorites. If I had to pick, the gray is the most neutral (Sooo Swedish!) and one that goes with most mood & seasonal changes. However, I am thinking the black adds more contrast – creates a bigger statement – most likely the one for me & our home.  “Amazon Alexa” -: did you get that?…

I probably saw this blanket for the first time, some +15 years ago, and I realize I am ‘damaged’ but every time I see it – it catches my attention – still after ALL these years. I think its a sign, its time to finally open up the wallet, even though its gonna hurt like crazy 🙂


Now, if the blankets weren’t enough, -blankets that can take over an entire room – there’s those classic unique orange boxes of theirs we all want to get our hands on – and use as decor. They’ve really turned in to collectives. Ultimately successful branding? I’m first to admit – I save my boxes as well!

What’s probably obvious by now, the color orange, a distinctive sign of Hermès. It’s a unique color, captivating and just so Hermès. It is a warm and joyful color – Love it.


Hermes is also famous for their scarves, and most of them are just so beautiful. It is almost a shame crumbling them up around your neck. I’d rather expose them – as an art piece and either frame them or turn it into a pillow! Very unique and cool, if you ask me. My recommendation – go online and look for vintage Hermes scarves or really use any favorite scarf you have and frame it or make a pillow out of it!


Before moving on, I wanted to point out that Hermes actually do have a furniture line as well – and above a few picks of their slim & sophisticated design.


Ok, now from Furniture to this little detail – I love love the idea of just creating a cool twist & wrist kinda thing with the mini scarf. Simple but yet adds that extra little fun touch. Big crush and something you’ll see me wearing more of this spring/summer. You guys with me?


Now – ‘Time’ to get serious… Besides that gorgeous blanket I crave for – right up there, is the Hermes iPhone Watch with the camel leather wristband. I saw a colleague of mine wear the watch last week and it got me all excited. I already have a nice watch, or two actually, -can one have too many? Mais non, mais non – What a silly thing to ask? Everyone who knows me, know I don’t use jewelry as much, also when I do, I tend to prefer the sophisticated ‘low key’, but high quality pieces – that only few recognize…. Anyways, I am telling you, this watch is actually growing on me, who would have thought?


Ok my friends, I got to end it sometime – I could go on & on about Hermes and all their good yummie stuff. I have a ton more inspirational images and products to share from them but realize its time to log off & head to bed – work tomorrow.

Can’t believe I did not even get to all their fantastic bracelets. My dear hubby has been too kind over the years, -he knows I got a soft spot for Hermes. Visit their website for more, here.

Sweet Hermes dreams & thank you for checking in today.

Hugs P


Art is an Art itself

A few days ago I did a post on how decorating with mirrors makes heads turn and creates special effects. Art in my opinion has the same effect. Today I thought I´d write down some ideas on different art styles.

First, a quick background on my own little “art collection”. I have always appreciated art and loved adding art to my walls. Never been a fancy art collector, or maybe I should say that the art I really love is just always above my budget. Instead I have had fun buying more affordable art and like many others I have followed whats “in-style”. However, over the years my taste has changed so now I am sort of going through what I have.

I own a mix of sketches, quotes, black & white prints, trendy maps, museum posters, inherited art, fun photographs and a few one of a kind oil paintings. In other words, “all over the place” when it comes to art. I have always enjoyed mixing art and styles but I feel more and more the desire to rinse and clean up my walls a bit, ad more quality than quantity or perhaps its just a matter of adding quality in my case. Maybe start to invest in the “large art pieces”, the more mature, “sophisticated” and less on the playful/trendy art. Does that make any sense?

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

This is one of those “big pieces” found here that I find interesting and resembles nothing I have at home. Fits in her home perfectly. Not so sure it will necessarily go with my interior, but I still like it. By Willem Andersson.

After some time I try to move the art around in our house, place it in different rooms, all to create a change and something new. For example, as our girls have gotten older and left the “pink years” I have created fun art wall collections in their rooms with the black&white art/prints that has been hanging too long in other rooms. Some art that I see as trendy and seasonable I have moved from main rooms to hallways. In my opinion a good way to still keep the art alive. Other art I plan on bringing over to our summer house in Sweden.  Obviously, today’s post doesn´t focus on art for our summer place, I just have art in general on my mind. Its one of those days.

Who doesn´t love big oil paintings? The beauty when choosing real oil paintings is that they only exist in one edition. There is just that ONE! Its not like prints, that get reprinted X times. Oil paintings make it very personal. Just make sure it gets its space to shine!

Creating art collections on walls or on shelves is a smart way to gather left overs or place your favorite mix of art, books, objects and photos in one spot. You don’t need a big wall and its perfect for hallways or office. Painting the shelves in the same color as the wall is the way to go!

I certainly enjoy all old Therese Sennerholts prints I have, especially since not many people have them here in Seattle. They always get attention so they are extra fun to place in hallways and guest bathrooms.

These black and white prints and maps have been super popular in Scandinavia for years and I still like a few of them. My “Fruits de Mer” & maps are however sent off to coming summer home. Kept my NY edition here in Seattle though.

As you all know cool photographs have been in style for some time now and I have so much respect for good photography. Love it. My favorite in da house right now is my classic “Shaken not stirred” with Mr Bond himself! Goes perfect over the bar area. You can find this & more here.

Another site to look for fun photographs like the ones I have, is here


I would love to get my hands on this “one big art piece” and hang on our wall. Made by Emma Bernhard, @Nordenhake Gallery. Below the art work in a home (via esny)

lotta esny.PNG

I realize graffiti is something completely different and not for everyone, but I was introduced to this artist by my dear friend V, who lives in Amsterdam. She has impeccable taste and when you see how she added similar pieces by him in her townhouse and cool kitchen – you´ll understand! I don’t love all of his work but its picking that one or two unique pieces and placing it somewhere in the house which creates that cool unique  contrast. I will try to get her to guest blog and perhaps she can show you herself how it looks in her kitchen. To cool!


Love this mix of modern Eero Saarinen table & chairs with the big old framed painting. It requires high ceiling, great stucco – its own wall and the white to go with that…oh mama!


Another way of creating fun art is by framing for example your favorite scarf, a piece of fabric or it could just be some cool magazine covers you have laying around. We don´t all have a drawer full of Hermes scarves (like this image fr twwp). Art doesn’t have to be expensive. I have even framed and mixed my kids school art work into our walls & voilá  – it looks like a Picasso!

Love how they hung this fashionable photo and how it accents the red in the room!

Before I go, I need to show you this oldie but still fabolouse room and fantastic art.  Love all 3 but especially the one to the right! It took me a second to figure out that the middle painting was in the next room. Clever! Does anyone know where to get the one to the right, please do tell!

I could really go on & on about different art styles and artist I love but It would take for ever. As you can tell, I am all over the place when it comes to art and in some ways – I suppose it´s normal, or?  However, I feel its time to go through the pieces we have in our home (just as I do with my closet every now & then) to decide what to keep, sell and perhaps make a wish list -followed by a savings plan…

I promise to take pictures here once I am done doing with my rinsing an re-org of it all!

Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs P

Mirror, mirror on the wall…?

A question I asked when I was younger. Now, I hold my breath and cross my fingers the mirror doesn´t break ;).

We have been decorating with mirrors for years and years. An elegant detail to ad to any home and room regardless if you have a contemporary home or a more traditional style. I have learned that there are no rules really when it comes to decorating with mirrors. You can move it around and place it just as you like. Hang it upside down or just leave leaning against the wall. If you plan on adding this detail, why not go big. You cannot go wrong with oversized mirrors.

Mirrors bring light and depth into rooms. Its like a decorative window that reflect and emphasizes views and can really create great effects. Would of course love to ad one in Mölle. Going window shopping at my favorite auction sites after this.

I love the dark antique mirrors above, they just ad such character to a room. Please tell me, where can I get my hands on a similar one, anyone??

Nowadays large mirrors are a trend which is great but I love it regardless if its trendy or not (something I certainly care less and less about). I go on what feels right, long lasting materials that age beautifully and I always try to look for quality products.

One thing you can be sure of when decorating with mirrors – well, mirrors turn heads!

The idea of hanging many mirrors like the image above makes this space feel twice the size. When I think of it, the opening & balcony is similar to what we are creating in our summer house…

Finally showing you this cool room. Oh my! That is what I call an OVERSIZED MIRROR!

Before I log out, I want to say how much I love writing this blog. Obviously I have just started and I am still learning. Some days I feel extra inspired and some days I feel out of ideas but I really want to try to stay true to myself in what I love in design, my ideas and sharing our building project with you all.

Thank you dear readers for sticking around!

Images source, mostly Pinterest, HannaWessman, HouseBeautiful.


Black details in homes

Decorating with black color has always been I thing of mine. Here in our Seattle home I have managed to incorporate it quite a bit. I will try to take some pictures to show you during the weekend.

However now we are building a summer house and I want a different look and feel in Mölle. Keeping it light and fresh will be key but I still think I will bring in some details for sure. For instant, as I have mentioned before we will have black windows throughout the house. Hoping that will ad a modern twist to a classic summer house.

Decorating in black has obviously been popular for years, but getting it right requires a little touch. It can easily feel cold but when you get it right, it can feel chic and sophisticated. I personally like the drama and the energy it ads to a room. You don´t have to bring it in everywhere but choosing a few spots and details here and there makes it interesting and gives something to rest your eyes on in a room…

This dining area for example shows worn out black chairs, a dark rug and if you where to replace it with white chairs – I don´t think the space would look as stunning! Do you?



This Ikea rug is a classic now a days and I am sure it exists in every household throughout the world, and my home is no different! We have it in our dining room with my good old black wish bone chairs. It ads a dramatic and yet playful look to the room.


Black and white is a timeless look and you see it a lot in both traditional as well as modern kitchens and in Scandinavian homes in general. Almost to a point where its used too much but it certainly is classic and just never seems to go out of style.
In the 2 images below they have added black striped fabric to the seating and I think that gives the extra stylish touch.

stipes sofa.jpg

Showing these 2 Danish classics is almost cheating, not fair! Adding these fabulous (…& I know!!!, expensive) accents to a room – well then there is no need for anything else! Your job is done :).

Finishing of today’s post with this little darker living room that I found on Pinterest, its Friday after all!  There are so many different ways of adding black details to your decor and home, these were just a few ideas to get you started. I know I am getting that little coffee table I showed you in my previous post…

Have a fabulous weekend!
Hugs P

Fabulous dining room/LaserowAntiques, Plastic chairs/Pinterest, Old desk/domainehome, Vintage leather sofa/kathykouhome, Ikea rug/Apartment Therapy, Kitchens/unknown, Black sofa/Slettvol, Bathroom/BeckiOwens, Danish chairs/Pinterest, Dark living room/romain ricard

The secret is in the mix

Being a native Swede and from Scandinavia, design, trend and antiques is sort of in my DNA.  It just is. I blame /thank my parents for their interest and eye for antiques and details that was passed down to me and got me started on the hunt for treasures. In my beginning years my wallet size was limited so I scouted the thrift shops, flea markets (this was before online auctions existed) trying to find the hidden Picasso. Now, 25 years later I still obviously haven´t found the Picasso but a nice collection of furniture and things have found its way to our storage. I am excited to bring them all together to life.

As most Scandi´s I have gone through the minimalism design, the crispy white, the black & white, the Joseph Frank and of course the different shades of gray. The beauty now at my ++ age is the nice MIX of styles and furniture I can ad to our summer house.

Its become a mantra of mine, but mixing styles, antiques with modern, colors and materials that you perhaps would not think of pairing together “normally” makes things more interesting in my view, more relevant, unique and creates something totally new. Pick an antique furniture, a modern art piece – make it the focal point. The mix and match takes practice and time to get just right but as you can see in images below it works even better if you keep it simple. I am all for simplicity.

I´m extra excited to share today´s images, that show fabulous spaces where they in my opinion have nailed it, nailed the mix of styles. Yet keeping it simple & fresh. BRAVO!


Images above Pinterest, all confirm you don´t need to over do it. Just a few things that stick out, very good pieces though!
2 images above from Laserow Antiques, NY.  Simple and true Nordic beauty.

Now, Looove the 4 above – the old drawer, the desk with black accent/decor is just SPOT ON!
The old chair from Garbo Interiors, the rest Pinterest. Mama Mia – I want!

c5cb35fb8d586cfbb2ba2335f31ea610 This is an old classic but I still love the combo of Göteborgs”chairs & that TABLE! mynottinghill-blogspot
Now this image I found at mynottinghill.blogspot and I totally agree with her, it shows a mature, intelligent mix and beauty. Just Fab!
5ce4d1c8c54b8aeb1e69600cf4101dbfFinishing it off with this one fr Pinterest – wouldn´t mind finding the chair and frame on my next auction!

I could go on and on, show you image after image but Super Bowl is on now and I have to pretend to be a little interested and join everyone in the TV room. I just had to share this with you first!

Welcome to all my new followers, as always – I am honored!
Hugs P

TV camouflage

I promised I would show you some ideas on how to make the TV disappear a little. I am not a huge fan of TVs in general and I certainly have never enjoyed having to incorporate and blend it in to the decor. For our coming summer house, I plan on making it as invisible as possible.  Here are some ideas that I think work.


I love how they blend the black box into the wall along with the art. Fools the eye.


Now, I love the vibe of this room, so warm and inviting. I also think they did a terrific job with hiding the TV on that stand. It took me a couple of seconds to figure it out.
Hiding the TV in a cabinet is also a great idea, that way you really only see it when you feel like watching TV. I suppose it works for people that seldom watch TV and in rooms like a study or a guest room.

I know my friends here in the US are all about big TVs and their media rooms, so I suppose this post doesn’t make any sense to them :). Sorry, but big TVs are just not my thing…

Having a TV in the bedroom has never occurred to us. Feels like it would destroy the romance haha 🙂 but after seeing this pic & gorgeous decor I might reconsider.


In the image below they use a trunk as TV table and for those who follow me know that I have old trunks that I am trying to bring back to life..?

If you really want the TV to disappear, painting the entire wall behind it in black like they did in these last images is really a good TV camouflage. Do you agree?

These where my TV tips of the day, hope you like them!

Hugs P

Images from Pinterest.

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