Let me take you on a walk outside

We bought our Swedish jungle, a little over a year & half  ago. At the time, it was impossible to imagine what was behind and under it all. In a way we could say we had no idea what we were buying…


Luckily, it turned out to be a great call and today I thought I would show you the “transformation”.  Some landscape architects have helped us with a plan, a plan that will surely take us a few years to create but at least something to work from.  I promise to share the plans but today a first before & after pics!

file1-2 (002)

Here is what it looked like after the first big – take down’ – luckily all flat, no surprises.




This year, we focused on getting the basics, a foundation in place. Rolling out a ton of grass just to keep the old jungle from growing back, a fence, hedge and then of course our gorgeous catwalk (as we call it…)

Building a fence at the end felt like a priority –  make it feel more enclosed and adding privacy. One thing from the sketch/plan we decided to do, was to build our so called “catwalk” – it may look at bit odd – but trust me, its part of a bigger plan :)….


The way to the beach…


This so called catwalk of ours is all connected, it connects all the way to the front entrance on the other side. Turned out super cool! Don’t really have great pictures that captures it all…


We planted 175 bushes – that eventually we hope will turn in to a very tight hedge..


A view of our catwalk from one angle – love love it!


Here is a view from the street. Our house is right on the path people take to walk down for a swim – in their bathrobes and traditional Swedish clogs.. We felt the need to add a hedge – again, for a bit more privacy….



Not sure how much you know about the weather in Europe this summer, but its been the warmest summer ever – believe last time it was this hot in Sweden was 220 years ago. So, rolling out new grass, planting a hedge etc was not optimal, a challenge to say the least. It required a ton of watering but ooh, we did it! These are the latest pics my dear mom sent me – its looking super green and fabulous!


Below a hint of what it looks like in front of the house. Again, a first important foundation this summer – a lot of gravel to avoid the jungle from trying to grow back. Hopefully by spring we can do a phase#2….


Both images here, give a hint of how the catwalk is connected. Best part, its so nice and comfortable to walk on. Easy to move around all bare-footed… no problemas…



That was all for today.  I hope you enjoyed a first peak on the outside. More to come…


Thank you for checking in this weekend, appreciate all your emails and questions about our experience of building a house. Keep them coming, love to read, answer and share our experience.

Enjoy your Sunday! Take care.

Hugs P

Breaking ground..

Realize this will not be the most exciting post (for y´all), but a big step for us as we are building our summer house. Finally breaking ground. We bought the lot/jungle in December and this week they took it all down. We have not been able to comprehend and appreciate it before since it was impossible to walk in or around on the lot. Our jungle turned out to be a very nice jungle 🙂 and spot. I had to fly over the mountains and Atlantic ocean to reach Sweden and see it for myself!

file3-1 (002)

On my way from Copenhagen Airport. The yellow canola fields along the way are just breathtaking! After an hours drive from the airport, I finally arrive in MÖLLE.

file2-3 (002)


Our little harbor, and not far from there is our little corner lot. Below a sneak peak of what our lot used to look like…

file-13 (002)


Now this is what it looks like TODAY, taa daaa!


Wow, it turned out better than expected. It feels and looks bigger. I even climbed up the containers to peak at the view. Of course a completely gorgeous sunny day made the experience better!

There was not much to save unfortunately. Former owners had it for 50 years so it was just too wild and overgrown. We only kept a few trees in one corner. Time to start over.

IMG_9151 (002)
We feel happy and lucky to not have any houses behind us. On the other side of the hedge is a soccer field and a new outdoor gym (how did they know I needed that ….)))

IMG_9147 (002)


So this is our corner lot. Here you can see the placement for our house and garage. Now time to plan the rest, the area marked in yellow. We contacted some super talented landscape architects to help us with this. I promise to share and show the plans and sketches later this week. Its looking very promising!

Now, I have to turn off my laptop and enjoy a sunny Seattle!

Hugs P

American Porch

My husband and I decided to ad an American porch to our Swedish summer house. After 10 years here in the US and becoming American citizens we figured we have to bring in something American to the new house? I was kinda hoping for that nice southern wrap around porch but since this lot limits us a bit as to how much we can build, we compromised to get a nice size house along with our porch. I really picture us using this porch a ton, ton tons! Just look at the porch below, its got my name ALL over it!


We are going for a wood deck and a white porch in general. We plan to extend the deck further passed the poles and where the roof ends – to make it more spacious and make sure the guests sitting on the further end don´t fall backwards… )). Our goal is to make the deck as leveled to the inside floor (want to avoid that step).


I am totally in love with the vibe on this porch above. This long plank table along with those industrial chairs is such a cool mix.  We love having dinners and friends over so the chairs will probably not be my pick from a comfy point but I admit, they look good ;). I prefer investing in more comfortable chairs so my guests stay longer and come back!

We will have our porch double doors in the middle/centered (similar to image below but our porch will be bigger and deeper). I am dividing the porch into 2 spaces. 1, eating area on the right side as you step out and 2, a more lounge sofa area on the corner left side.

bild#2 (002).jpg

The lighting is important and I have been leaning on having spotlights in the ceiling but after looking at hundred of pics on Pinterest, I like the idea of having lamps on the house facade and maybe even a centered lamp hanging over the dining table. So not sure about the spotlight anymore…


I am bringing along some furniture from our old summer place. This is not a great picture but the one I could find today. In the back you can spot part of my old long church bench in light green and an old farmers table that I think will look perfect on the porch. I also have 6 of those Ikea rattan chairs, which I will most likely use to start with…(am thinking there won´t be that much money left once we´ve built this house ;)).

20160814_174017882_iOS (2)

I came across this image and remembered I have one of those lamps in storage. Maybe it would look good hanging over our table as well.


On the so called, lounge side of the porch I will have my rattan sofas and chairs that I usually fill with tons of cushions. To that I got our cool concrete table that my hubby and friend made. For some reason I could not find a picture of it, so you will just have to wait to see it until we´ve moved everything in..


On a different note or I should say in connection with the porch – I need to design what comes after the porch…. So, we contacted a landscape architect to help us with the overall plans and design for our lot. I have no problem listing things that I would love to include but as I was making an attempt to do the sketch myself  – I realized I need help. In this early stage we first just need a rough plan so we can prepare the lot and ground best way possible. Then closer to summer we can then focus more on the details and final layout and design. Promise to share that once we get it.

Before I go, one dream would be to ad a pool. Now I realize, it doesn´t make sense (crazy!!”#) since we wont be there as much and we live close to the water but it would just be so nice. I dont need a big one…but hey even so, its not something we would build this year anyways but I would not mind making a plan B sketch with a small pool in it (just in case)! Just look at the images I found on Pinterest….and tell me I am (not) crazy….


Wouldn´t that be nice…oh boy, think I need to end this blogpost before I get too carried away and want a pool right away! Lets just start with a nice big porch for now! Easy to get carried away …


Hope you are enjoying your week!

I am planning on a trip to Sweden. Going over to make all the final house and detail decisions. We are finally getting started. Our builder and sales representative has been super nice to coordinate and set up all the necessary meetings for me.  It will be a busy week, will tell you more about my coming trip next time.

Hugs P

Images borrowed from: Pinterest, Atlanta homes, World Market, Elle Decor, Traditional Home, Southern Hospitality, Fiskarhedenvillan, Trivselhus,