Contrasting kitchen island or not…

Things are coming together in our summer house. The builders are really making progress and its painful not to be there in person to follow it all. I rely on friends and family to take pictures as soon as they walk passed our house. Their progress however means that it is certainly time to finalize and order everything in the kitchen (which I still haven´t). Don´t want delays caused by us, so time to get right to it!

Basically, the two things I have left to decide on is, counter top and what the kitchen island should look like.  Both play a big part of the kitchen, in my view.



Below a draft of the kitchen. On the bottom we plan to have our little kitchen bench with comfy cushions and in the background (just off the kitchen) you can spot the pantry on the right side and opposite that the fridge & freezer.


Our downstairs is all an open floor plan. The eating area will be next to the kitchen and we are going for one eating area inside (since we got our other outside space on the porch as well). When designing the kitchen, I felt the need to include an island in the middle, for additional cutting and work space as well as a serving area. I am all for creating contrasts and not making your island identical to the rest of the kitchen cabinets and interior. I like the idea of having an odd or unique piece of furniture that sticks out and creates that contrast.

However, for our eating area, we will have an old farmers table along with 2 very big vintage industrial lamps from Texas hanging in the ceiling, so I am thinking more on having a kitchen island that blends in and lets the dining area get its space and attention it needs. Feel like I need to pick out where the highlights should be…?

Above one image that I have had as inspiration from start, one thing I would change is add a light silestone countertop to mix in a modern touch, if that makes sense..







Now that I know I dont necessarily want the big contrast when it comes to the island, left is deciding if it should be a more traditional closed one or like some of the images below  with open solutions (table´ish style)…I am worried it will be too much given our eating table right next to an island table´(are you with me, table on top of a table? Or?









Hmm….. why can I only have one kitchen ??? :). Wish I could create 2 different islands, and decide later!!! Kitchens are expensive so wanna get it right on the first take!

A little side note, I write this blog to hopefully inspire others thinking about building as well as make sure my friends and family stay up to date with the process – but it has also become a tool for me where I can write it all down, share my thoughts and ideas. Many or most time, like now – it actually helps me narrow it down, reach an answer and come to a decision. So thank you for staying with me, listening, reading and especially for emailing me and giving me your input on things!

Much appreciated!  Promise to give you all the final kitchen decisions next!

Hugs P

Pics borrowed from Pinterest, ElleDecor, DevolsKitchen, Skonahem, Elleinterior.



Looking more like a house

I am back in the US. Sorry for being absent these past weeks but I took a blog-vacation while in Mölle, Sweden. Needed my huge dose of family & friends!

Naturally my feet steered in the direction of the lot each day, and most days multiple times per day. It was exciting to watch it all turn more and more into a house, our house. It was hard to stay away. I am sure the builders were wondering if we would be stopping by this often during the entire building project :). How I wish that would be the case, but from now we rely on our friends in Sweden to keep us up to date and send us pictures.

Today I thought I´d give you that re-cap of all the fun thats been happening.


In my last post I showed you when the foundation and first level was built. Well, that was quickly followed by our builders Sätoftagruppen putting up the scaffolding’s around the house to start with the 2nd floor and roof. And oh boy, the amazing team of 4 guys managed to build it all up in only 12 days. Super impressed!

file-38 - Copy

We sneaked up the ladder to look at the view, which I am happy to see is stunning! Its that pinch-me feel, I could actually see the ocean, the mountain (Kullaberg) and Grand Hotel on top of that. Lucky, truly lucky lucky!



Once the second floor was done, it was time for the big crane to lift up all the big 11 or so roof trosses. My dear husband watched them connect every single one of them, even went over to the neighbors to get a better view (below) :)).



file-24 (002) - Copy.jpeg

Unfortunately the downstairs floor is all stuffed with material so I could really not get good pics from the inside. However, one detail I am extra excited about is the little opening we chose in the hallway. Since we decided to open the upstairs ceiling all the way up to the roof, I thought it would be a fun and hopefully a “wow” detail being able to see all the way up as you walk in! Hope I´m right….

file1-4 (002) - Copy.jpeg

file1-5 - Copy

file1-2 (002) - Copy

Bore we left, we got to see them paint the wood panel in the white we chose. Its a white color we have used before and has the features of looking warm even on rainy and gray days. The “Swedish” color code we use is (0601-Y21R).


file-24 (003) - Copy.jpeg

file-31 (002) - Copy

Later that day all the doors where put in place and I really liked the darker gray color. I will admit I first decided on black doors but changed my mind in the last minute.

file-28 (002)

As we were leaving the guys were up there preparing for the roof tiles. The roof tiles and our black windows are suppose to arrive any day now.  Will admit that I am a bit nervous about the black windows. After all, its not super common yet and I am just hoping it will turn out as nice as I imagine it….

Time will tell.

file-29 (002) - Copy.jpeg

Time to finish off with this view from our walk one morning back to wonderful Mölle Village. Can´t believe that in some 4 months & 23 days we will walk here again!

Hugs P






Breaking ground..

Realize this will not be the most exciting post (for y´all), but a big step for us as we are building our summer house. Finally breaking ground. We bought the lot/jungle in December and this week they took it all down. We have not been able to comprehend and appreciate it before since it was impossible to walk in or around on the lot. Our jungle turned out to be a very nice jungle 🙂 and spot. I had to fly over the mountains and Atlantic ocean to reach Sweden and see it for myself!

file3-1 (002)

On my way from Copenhagen Airport. The yellow canola fields along the way are just breathtaking! After an hours drive from the airport, I finally arrive in MÖLLE.

file2-3 (002)


Our little harbor, and not far from there is our little corner lot. Below a sneak peak of what our lot used to look like…

file-13 (002)


Now this is what it looks like TODAY, taa daaa!


Wow, it turned out better than expected. It feels and looks bigger. I even climbed up the containers to peak at the view. Of course a completely gorgeous sunny day made the experience better!

There was not much to save unfortunately. Former owners had it for 50 years so it was just too wild and overgrown. We only kept a few trees in one corner. Time to start over.

IMG_9151 (002)
We feel happy and lucky to not have any houses behind us. On the other side of the hedge is a soccer field and a new outdoor gym (how did they know I needed that ….)))

IMG_9147 (002)


So this is our corner lot. Here you can see the placement for our house and garage. Now time to plan the rest, the area marked in yellow. We contacted some super talented landscape architects to help us with this. I promise to share and show the plans and sketches later this week. Its looking very promising!

Now, I have to turn off my laptop and enjoy a sunny Seattle!

Hugs P

Exterior look

Just quickly checking in with you this Saturday evening Seattle time to show you the facade sketches. First the original facade from Fiskarhedenvillan/Rödhaken, followed by sketches of our future summer house. We switched out the balcony and created a long and deep porch instead.  Aside from that we made smaller changes,  we added bigger windows, we increased the ceiling height and an important detail to us was shortening the “roof base” (tak foten in Swedish). I am not sure what the proper English word is for that but it basically means we want to narrow the roof over hang, to be more aligned with the facade.

Our skecthes below:

I have shown this image before but it is the house that inspired me to contact our builder, Fiskarhedenvillan. This home was built in Finland some time ago and it really spoke to us and we could imagine it as our summer house in Mölle.

The majority of the homes in the summer town we are building in are 1,5 level homes so we will be one of the few 2 leveled ones but since we are not building very big I think it will melt in with the homes on our street and surrounding neighbors. Also, we don´t have any homes behind us so I suppose that is why 2 levels is allowed, we are not blocking any views.

The changes that we will be making from the so called “Finnish home”are;

– Making the porch slightly deeper
– Our house will be white with black windows

– The image shows how their roof “hangs out” further from the facade on all sides. We have made it more narrow with minimal overhang. We think it ads a little modern touch and is an aesthetically detail that we like.

– A garage will be added on the left side
– Future greenhouse will be placed on the right hand side (hopefully year #2)

That´s all for tonight, but I will be back tomorrow with some more inspirational ideas.
Hugs P

Going up – 2nd floor

I never showed you the upstairs floor plan in my last post. Here is a before and after in case you want to see and follow our changes from the original house plan of Fiskarhedenvillan, Rödhaken that we based our house on. We shrunk it down some 25% since we have to stay within allowed square feet on our lot in Mölle, so our bedrooms got smaller and we moved the stairs. All the changes and our latest floor plan in image #2.

So as you can see we kept the overall plan. I felt the need to move the stairs since I want to avoid the collision with the main door and all the shoes my dear kiddos, their friends and husband tend to leave (they have other good qualities ;)).  Our house will be around 162kvm in total on 2 levels. We just made the decision to open the ceiling all the way up for the upstairs. Of course it comes with a cost but we hope and think it will be worth it. I am worried that we are starting to ad on more features and our budget won´t like it in the end. Is there one thing you can be sure of, its that things and cost seem to go up…not down for some strange reason 😉 and I haven’t even started with the kitchen yet. Oh dear.

A few highlights for the upper floor plan;

1.We replaced the extra room + balcony that was on the original plan (backside) with a big wide porch instead (2.6 x 9.5 meter), a little deeper than this image. I wrote a post earlier about us choosing between balcony or porch, but we are happy and excited about this “American Porch”. A porch suites our needs more than a balcony.

2. Opening the ceiling all the way up for the upstairs (except the bathroom & sauna). I think it will ad a cool feature and especially in one bedroom where we plan on built-in bunk beds. The top beds&sleepers won´t hit their heads + more space to stretch n breath…

3. When moving the stairs, we created a balcony around the opening that I think gives an American touch to it. It made me think of a library, imagine bookshelves up there that you can see from below. I also imagine a “wow” lamp hanging from the top ceiling. Have no idea what lamp though …yet! Suggestions welcomed!

4. We decided on a sauna in the house. Our original plan was to have it in an ad-on house but I think having it in the main house is better in the long run…we´ll use it more that way

That is all I can think of for the upstairs. Can´t wrap my head around the fact that its Friday (again) – wasn´t it just Monday??? Have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs P


Creating the floor plan

In the final process of choosing our builder and house, we talked to both Fiskarhedenvillan and Trivselhus. Honestly, we really liked both but we chose Fiskarhedenvillan based on costs, getting a custom built house and the connection with the sales representative. It doesn’t hurt that my parents live next to their offices, in case we need to pull strings or drop off some home baked cookies to help things move faster ;).

The building permit is now in the hands of the County but we still have a few weeks to make smaller adjustments. I will share the exterior once I have the later version but today I thought I would walk you through our floor plan ideas.

Below is the original floor plan of the house we chose. We needed to shrink the house quite a bit to stay within allowed square feet. 2nd image shows all our changes!
freSo, we have tried to create a floor plan that suites our needs and summer lifestyle. Our needs are slightly different, for ex, we don´t need big bedrooms nor a big laundry room and the social areas are important. We prioritize the entrance, the kitchen and the porch!

So, a few highlights for the downstairs…

  1. The entrance sets the first impression of the home so we want it to feel open, warm and interesting. We moved the stairs from the main door (to avoid stepping on shoes etc), and instead its facing down directly to the social area. We are opening the ceiling all the way up. I think it ads a dramatic, and an American touch with the balcony around it.
  2. We decided to give the powder room and closet some privacy. Don´t like seeing the bathroom door open & close from the dining room and even the jackets and the pile of shoes will be hidden to the right. We will use the space under stairs for storage.
  3. The kitchen is a little bigger and you cannot see it all in detail here but we will ad a sitting nook, cool cabinet and place the fridge, refrigerator and pantry on the side towards the laundry room. Its like an old fashioned Swedish “serverings-gång/butlers way”. I added a sliding door into the laundry room for more space.
  4. We chose high big windows towards the porch for more light and to create a better flow between the out- and inside. I like the open floor plan but I still feel I want to separate the different spaces in different ways and I´m currently trying to figure out how to best do that.
  5. We hardly watch TV during the summer, so we chose to use our little corner living room for that as well. I have high hopes for this space. In here we will have our built-in book shelves, the reading area and between that and some art I will place/hide the ugly TV. I need to remember to show you some good ideas to make the TV less visible.I hope we thought it all through!Unfortunately we have a little infirmary going on at home, a cold that has been bugging us for too long now! I need to log out, get some rest but I promise to show you the upstairs floor plan as well!

    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs //P

Eating with a twist

I thought I would walk further in to the house and show my visual for the dining/eating area. It is a summer house and I don´t want it to be over-formal so I chose to call it eating area rather than fancy dining. It´s an important space we use a lot (remember, Swedish summer doesn’t always allow us to eat outdoors :)). The eating area is in the center of the house, so a center attention for sure! Here images that inspire me (image source below).

I want it to feel inviting, warm and yet interesting. I prefer mixing table with different chairs (matching dining room sets tend to look over-formal in some cases).Mixing is a great way of making it feel more lived-in.
The images I chose today inspire me in different ways, the chairs, the rustic table or just the overall vibe and mix in the room. Dare to mix styles, real antiques with modern pieces and why not also high-end with low-end. Just go for it! Remember, design it for your family, with the things you all love!

I believe every space requires something with personality as well as history, and so does the eating area. So some of the furniture I have in mind for our summer house is in storage right now and I can´t share them but for example, I have a big old durable farmers table, a mix of traditional chairs (below) and some rattan chairs that will blend perfectly. I need to ad 2 modern chairs or use the industrial stools below along with a modern piece to give it that interesting twist. As “icing on the top” I have 2 old lamps from a factory in Texas that we have been holding on to for YEARS. I have a feeling they will find a new home in Mölle!

Before I let you go I want to show you my old time favorite dining spots that in my view – are really SPOT ON!!!
….oh, how I want to move the clock forward and start to decorate our summer house!
Patience is not my strongest side 🙂

Hugs P
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