Stairways to heaven…

The entry really sets the tone in a home and welcomes the guests.  Its sort of an important first impression, and I personally like creating the “wow” feeling as much as possible as you walk in! Obviously creating that effect in an entry comes with paying attention to details such as color, wallpaper, decor etc etc… but today I´m focusing, craving in on stairs, since that is typically the big piece that greets you as you enter a home.

I am and always will be a big fan of beautiful stairs, regardless how big or small they are. There are so many ideas out there, different styles and options.




Trappa i hall -liggande träpanel

There is something amazing about the huge massive staircases but they do require space and as I have learned – space costs and we don´t always have the space nor the budget. For our coming summer house in Mölle, we are a limited to space but it doesn´t stop me from craving, dreaming away and getting all sorts of inspiration.



I still have not really started on the details of our stairs, shapes and colors but hoping to get that first draft from our builder soon.

One little detail I wanted to share in regards to our own entry. I decided to create an opening in the hallway ceiling. We came up with the idea of opening up the ceiling all the way to the roof on the 2nd floor to make it more spacious, so I was thinking it would be fun, my “wow” detail to see all the way up from the hallway as you walk in.

This means I changed the stairs so they phase the social area on main level instead of directly to the left as you walk in (avoids you stepping on the door rug each time). This also creates a nice wrap-around balcony upstairs (perhaps easier to see sketches below).

Entrance                                                  Upstairs

As you know we are in the construction phase but you can already get a small taste of what the opening would look like here.

Below is the image that inspired me to create the wrap around balcony and opening in the first place. Still totally in love and attached to the idea and layout. Now I just have to figure out what colors, shapes and forms will look best.



I have a habit of painting my stairs in black & white, but this time I think the summer house will go more in the white or gray tones…





That´s all for today. Can´t wait to start finalizing our stairs.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs P


Majority of the Pics I found as usual on Pinterest, searching for beautiful stairs. I also borrowed one pic from and