Social hang area…

You have already seen pictures from the kitchen, so let me share another space. Keep in mind, we recently got the keys and on top of that we only spent 2 weeks there over the Holidays – not enough time to get it ready and especially not -Instagram/puffy -blog ready! There is still a ton I want to add and details to take care of.

For my new followers, this new ‘summer’ house of ours has an open floor plan on the main floor. We focused on giving the kitchen a big portion of that and then left the rest for the rest, so to speak…


The kitchen really turned out above and beyond expectations! Right next to it we have our eating space, followed by a social, hang area and then a TV room off to the left… Our furniture comes from our old summer place, which has been in storage for a year. A lot of it we have inherited or found on different auction sites throughout the years. The mix of old goes well with all the white and new but I would love to add a few new and modern pieces just to break things up a bit and give it a cooler look.


Here is our little social corner, off our eating are and opposite kitchen. A spot you move over to after dinner or where you grab that book during the day. Eventually, I imagine this space with a few more comfy seating chairs, but for now – this is it. I added some black details in here, my old rug from DAY and then of course my big old cabinet that I got from my parents when I turned 35.


I have glass doors to this cabinet as well, one is slightly damaged and needs to be fixed – I just haven’t gotten to it so for now it’s open shelves…


As I mentioned, I think this space needs new modern lighting to make it more interesting. Here are a few of my picks




I love these old pillows/bag – goes well with the rug and my second hand table I bought for some 15$….quite a catch.


A view from the TV room…


Below 2 new chairs I found on one of my online auction sites just before the Holidays *best time to buy, people are just not as much online then… I got them cheap and my dear mom was kind enough to repaint them and I just switched out the fabric to this nice neutral one I had from Sandbergs Tyger.

…and voila – way better! That’s all for today my dear friends…

Hugs P

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