Room for more around the table

Our first 2 summers in our vacation home in Mölle, Sweden have been fabulous, the weather has really been showing off. Grateful for that – since it allows us to have most meals outside on the porch.


As you might remember, we brought most of our furniture with us from the previous summer house. The old church bench for example, may not be the most comfortable seating but it works, and the best part, it fits 10 people. I had an old rug, that I decided to turn into one super long pillow case for the bench. Stuffed it with old cushions, and voila, turned out great and now softer to sit on!

When we have our bigger dinners, we just add another one of our old tables along with some of the more rattan/rotting chairs we got spread out around the house. I like it when its easy to just add on and make room for that wonderful larger crowd.


However, this is how we stage it when its ‘just us’.  I love this spot, love how simple it is yet cozy. We’ve also got a few discrete heaters up on the porch ceiling, which ad warmth and make it possible to sit out longer at night and also makes the season longer.

However, now with fall, its time to move inside and have the meals inside la casa, so I thought I would share one of the updates we made this summer.

We have been wanting to find a new dining table or top. Current table is just too small, or narrow I should say. We are not really able to set the table, barely fit one plate and a wine glass before you get in to the space of the person sitting opposite you. It fine, after all its just a summer place, but not ideal in the long run since we often got friends and family over for dinner when we are there.

nuvarande skiva

I peaked at different auctions sites – hoping to find that unique table, but no luck. I  started contemplating maybe getting a more modern table to break it up a little. Long story short, I drove passed this old place that make wooden boats and saw they had a ton of planks piled up and laying around.  I asked if I could buy any… “sure”, they said, -walk around and let us know if you see anything you like, and off I went!


It did not take long, 3 planks stood out, but of course they were towards the bottom of the pile so they were not able to help me get them out that day. Instead asked me to come back to get them the following week. So, I never actually saw the planks entirely, but I had a ´huntch´they would be good.

We then stored them in our garage for several months –  let them dry out before taking them to the carpenter ( who was going to help up make the table top.


The carpenter, who by the way is just the nicest guy and super talented, was not very excited with the choice of wood. Not ideal for dining table, also not ideal after I showed him my inspiration pictures from Pinterest of what I had in mind. Its poplar wood by the way (poppel in Swedish), which is a little soft and does not have that much texture going on, happening and he was concerned of not being able to create that rough look I was sort of going for. After a few discussions back & forth, we decided to give it a go and hope for the best! Go Poplar!


The carpenter spent quite a lot of time staining it, but after a few weeks he called us and said its ready for pick up. Yay!


At first, I will admit I was not totally blown away, and of course I compare it to the old one, from early 1900′ super worn out, with cracks, marks and wine stains, just the perfect look. This is obviously a new table top, where we’ve had to ‘work on it’ to try to make and create similar worn, rough look and feel, so not fare to compare. But its growing on me, for sure. My husband loves it! The size turned out perfect. Not sure if the pictures really show the difference, but its longer and much wider. We can easily sit 12 around this new table and still have plenty of room for extra serving plates and table décor and what not…

I chose to continue with the black steel table legs, prefer the contrast in look and material. Also, since the table it pretty big, I thought it would be nicer to tone it down, keep it light and airy if that makes sense. Plus it ads an industrial touch, which I like.



Yes, so there it is! Now its time to have all those dinners, get the party started!! Make marks, spill some wine :).

That’s all for today my friends. Be well and thank you for stopping by the blog today!

Hugs P

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