Away from it all

Just had to log in quickly and show this gorgeous farm house that as you can see from the title is apparently located “away from it all”. Getting away from it all is as we all know good for you and especially in times like now when we are racing like “speedy gonzales” trying to manage it all at once. Naturally, we can´t all have escape places like this but I would not say no if someone offered me the keys to this place 🙂

Doesn’t it just look stunning, just like that – by itself.  I found this beautiful home and pictures after jumping from one blog and site to another (@Elenor Cummings site), an American Interior designer.  I am glad to see how she kept the style simple, yet very sophisticated and a bit Scandi-inspired if I may so (probably what draw my attention to this fab white house in the first place). Looks like homes we would find on the wonderful Island of Gotland (I mentioned a few posts ago).


00001 5 hellolovely-hello-lovely-studio-Eleanor-Cummings

00001 5re

Love seeing the concrete floors. As you know, I had it on my initial list for our summer house as well but had to switch after talking to flooring companies that advised me not to…

Using white and gray as the base colors like Elenor has done here is not only smart, but its fresh and timeless. Especially for an escape place like this where I am guessing its all about relaxing and recharging. Adding real vintage wood tables, benches, linen, the rattan furniture and of course the ever so important sisal or jute rugs is just spot on. My style.

If one feels the need to spice it up, (might be repeating myself too much here) adding black furniture and details, also steel creates a bit of drama, makes it feel more modern. And for those who love colors, well thats easily fixed and will look just fabulous as well.

So for summer homes I like the recipe of keeping it basic, clean and working a lot with white, gray and the neutral colors. Then one can always ad and work from there…

Enjoy your day

Hugs P




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